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Beginner Weightlifting Tips

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Beginner Weightlifting
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An Indiana University School of Medicine graduate, Dr. Richard Rust works as an anesthesiologist at Northside Anesthesia Services in Indianapolis, Indiana. When he isn’t working with patients at his Indianapolis-based office, Dr. Richard Rust enjoys studying the science behind weightlifting and physical fitness.

Perhaps the biggest mistake that beginning weightlifters make is focusing on specialized lifts that target small muscle groups. This technique, known as isolation training, has its place, but beginners are best served by focusing on lifts that target multiple muscle groups.

Lifts such as squats, overhead presses, cable (or bent over) rows, and bench presses work several muscle groups and help build overall strength, which lays the foundation for isolation lifts down the road. Beginners should start with a basic routine and make small changes over time.

All weightlifters should lift no more weight than they can control. Developing good form is more important than finding the absolute maximum amount of weight you can lift. Focusing on form will prevent errors that can result in injury.